Step 2: Glassing the skins

2019-08-28: Microed the top cap to the top winglets. I also added a small foam piece aft of the winglet. I will try to replicate the winglet shape that James Redmon have on his Berkut. Just for the cool look! I don’t really know why the plans say urethane here- It is very easy to shape and sand styrofoam as well.

2019-08-29: Finished shaping the top of the winglets. I also went over all parts with a sanding paper and prepared the winglets for glassing.

2019-08-31: Glassed the outer skin of upper and lower winglets. The instructions are starting to assume that I know things. It does just refer to the wing chapter saying that the TE and LE of the winglets are made in the same manner as the wings. Period. So I did 🙂