Chapter 10 – The Canard

This chapter opens up a new dimension so to speak, as I will start shaping foam in 3-dimensions. I have to hotwire Styrofoam to make the airfoil for the canard. It’s not possible to get the right type of Styrofoam in Norway – I can import it from USA but since the shipping is very expensive I found a company in Germany where I bought all the Styrofoam I need for both the canard and the wings.


It is approx 2.5 m3 – 8 slabs measuring 250cm x 60cm x 20cm. I got them delivered by truck from Germany.


Yet another tool I needed :-). This time a bandsaw to cut the templates. It’s been on my wish-list for several years, finally I found a reason to buy one.

Step 1: Trimming the foam-blocks and cutting the cores
Step 2: Making lift tabs, Inserts, Jigging cores, Laying up the shear web and installing lift tabs
Step 3: Jigging and bonding the canard sections together
Step 4: Spar Cap Layup
Step 5: Applying the bottom skin
Step 6: Installing hard foam blocks for elevator hinges, the upper spar cap, and the upper skin

Time used this chapter: 49:30 hours
Started: 2012-03-10
Ended: 2012-07-15