About Cozy MK IV (and me)

About the Cozy MK IV

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The Cozy Mark IV is a 4-place, single engine, homebuilt light aircraft designed by Nat Puffer. The aircraft is constructed from foam and fiberglass and can cruise at up to 180 – 190 knots. The Cozy Mark IV is constructed from materials such as Divinycell, blue styrofoam, polyurethane foam and fiberglass (RA7715 and RA7725), MGS L285 and MGS L335 epoxy systems, EZ-Poxy or other adequate epoxy systems. The builder technically does not need pre-fabricated parts (except for the landing gear bow and nose gear strut which require forms and an oven for post curing, which is above the skill level of home builders) to finish the airplane, but several suppliers exist.

The Cozy is similar to the Rutan Long-EZ designed by Burt Rutan. Like the EZ, it is usually built with a retractable nose gear and fixed main gear. Also like the EZ, they often are parked in the lowered front position known as grazing. Some Cozy’s are built with retractable main gear as well; this is a modification that offers some performance benefits, including gaining a few knots more to the top speed although maximum wing fuel tank capacity is reduced to accommodate the retracted gear.

The Cozy III was a 3-place and the predecessor of the 4-place. Also designed by Nat Puffer, the Cozy III was initially referred to as simply “The Cozy”. When the 4-place was announced, the qualification of the Cozy III name was required.

The Cozy Mark IV has a plans maximum gross weight of 2050 lb and cruises at 170 knots (~200 statute mph). Nat Puffer designed the aircraft as a high speed cross-country VFR aircraft, although many equip their planes with IFR capabilities.

The Cosy Classic is the European version of Cozy Mark III, which offers a forward opening canopy and some other modifications. The forward opening canopy design is available from Uli Wolter, the designer of the Cosy Classic modifications.

The plans calls for a Lycoming O-360 engine (180 hp) or O-320 (150-160 HP). There are Cozys flying with several different engine types: Lycoming IO-360, Lycoming IO-540, Superior engines, Jabiru 5100, UL 520, auto conversions like Mazda 13B rotary, Subaru and even a T-58 turbine.

About me

I am an IT Professional, been working with IT since 1980. I live in the western part of Norway, between the city’s of Bergen (ENBR) and Stavanger (ENZV). The closest airport is Stord-Sørstokken (ENSO). I have PPL-A (SEP Land + Night) but are currently not a very “frequent flyer”, just flying enough to keep the license current. This is due to time restrictions and other priorities.

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I’ll be happy to answer questions you may have regarding the building process or even training for the PPL.

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