Step 4: Spar Cap Layup


2012-05-19: I made some simple tools in preparation for this step. The template is to be used to see when the spar-cap is filled. Then I made a 3″ wide squeege of an old credit-card, as well as a comb to use on the fiber-strands of the UNI to make them as straight as possible. I didn’t use the template since the masking (see the next picture) made it impossible. Instead I used a straight stick and checked when the cap was level with the foam by just holding it across the spar as I filled it up.

2012-05-19: I sanded the shear-web dull, then I masked off all the canard except for the area where the spar-cap is.

2012-05-19: I used the stand I made for the roll with saran-wrap to roll of the UNI. Very convenient!

2012-05-19: After filling the cap completly I removed the masking, cleaned up some epoxy-spill on the foam, peel-plied everything and let the spar cap cure.

It said in the plans that this step should take 2-3 hours. I used 6 hours!