Step 4: Inside layups (Left wing)

I choose to write a separate description for the left winglet. This is because I will start from the beginning with the hidden bellhorn approach, and not change in the middle of the process. This will then be my interpretation of the new hidden bellhorn instructions from Joe Polenek.

2020-09-05: I removed form n the intersection between wing and winglet as in the plans, but stopped when I reached the position for the bellhorn cavity.

In this picture I have also removed the wingskin for the bellhorn cavity and cut back the rudder conduit 2″ leaving approx 2″ left in the cutout. The dimension of the cutout is depending on how you route the conduit in the wing. For the right wing my conduit was a bit closer to the trailing edge which resulted in a shorter cutout (4″ long). For the left wing I needed to cut 5″ back to gain the same movement of the exposed conduit. I’m not sure whether I need this much movement or not, but that’s the way I did it.

I also removed 1/2″ of foam from the edge of the cutout (where the bellhorn will travel) and back to 0.8″ aft of the hinge line, since this will be removed in step 7. I used my router and a Dremel for this.

Before filling the cutouts in the wing and winglet I also made this barrier of some plastic to avoid flox and epoxy coming into the bellhorn cavity.

In the plans method the glass between wing and winglet in layup #1 goes a bit farther aft, I compensate for this by using 9 plies instead of 8:

2020-09-06: Glassed layup #2. Added 1 ply extra of the same reason that I added 1 ply extra on layup #1. 9 BID in total. The hardener of the epoxy I use have been gradually more brown. This is because the lids on the containers on my epoxy pump leaks in air. The hardener reacts with air by changing color. This does not affect the strength of the epoxy. I will however change out my pump and use an other method to mix the epoxy.

2020-09-07: Cleaned up the glass work after layup#2, removed the plastic barriers and made plug A out of urethane foam and microed it in place. I also epoxied a 1BID glass sheet ontop of the rudder conduit cave.