Chapter 19 – Wings and Ailerons

In this chapter I will build the wings and ailerons, and attach them to the Central Section Spar and attach the CS Spar to the fuselage. This is the biggest chapter, so be patient.

Update 2017-04-13: I am now finished with the Right wing. Since the left wing is a mirrored copy I will not document this unless there are special things that occurs.

Step 1: Building the wing jigs (and wing templates)
Step 2: Setting up the jigs
Step 3: Cutting foam cores
Step 4: Assembly of foam cores and lay up of shear web
Step 5: Bottom spar cap
Step 6: Bottom skin
Step 7: Top spar cap
Step 8: Top skin
Step 9: Wing ribs
Step 10: Ailerons
Step 11: Controls
Step 12: Attachment, wing to center section spar


Time used in this chapter: 120:45 hours (Templates & Right wing)
Started: 2016-01-16 (Right wing)
Ended: 2017-11-05 (Right wing)

Time used (so far) in this chapter: 119 hours (Left wing)
Started: 2017-12-28
Ended: 2019-07-23

Time used total in this chapter: 240 hours
Started: 2016-01-16
Ended: 2019-07-23