Step 1: Fitting the alignment pins


2013-03-10: The first thing to do is to level off the fuselage. I placed the fuselage on my working-table assuring I have space to mount the canard. The white stuff on the side of the fuselage is leftover micro from filling the canard. Instead of throwing it away I used it here.


2013-03-23: The fuselage is level in all directions.

I will use the method described in the FAQ and use bolts mounted from the aft instead of the plans alignment pins. This will make the canard easier to remove.


2013-03-23: The tube is protruding through the doubler. I will cover the tube with flox and then glass around with BID.


2013-03-23: The tube is covered with flox and 2 BID.


2013-03-23: The front of the doubler where the tube is showing.