Project Pages

The Project Pages are arranged chapter wise, with sub pages under each chapter.

I try to follow the plans as much as possible. Where I deviate from the plans I will clearly tell.


I: Preparations
II: Materials and modifications
1: Description and introductions
2: Bill of materials
3: Education / composite techniques
4: Bulkheads
5: Fuselage sides
6: Fuselage assembly
7: Fuselage Exterior
8: Head Rest and Seat Belts
9: Main Gear and Landing Brakes
10: The Canard
11: Elevators
12: Canard Installation
13: Nose, Nose Gear and Brakes
14: Center Section Spar
19: Wings and Ailerons
20: Winglets and Rudders

In progress:
16: Control System

Not started:
15: Firewall
17: Trim System
18: Canopy and Turtleback
21: Strake, Fuel and Baggage
22: Electrical
23: Engine Installation
24: Covers and Fairings
25: Finishing
26: Upholstery