About fulfilling a dream…

This site is mainly about fulfilling a persons dream. Sounds like a cliche, but it is true. Since I was a little boy I have always been interested in airplanes. It started with paper-planes, commenced to various kinds of free flying and radio controlled model airplanes. However, the desire to fly myself has always been strong in me. The building process of a RC plane has been the most rewarding time of this hobby, I am therefore eager to take the step upwards to a full size plane.


This site is written in English, since most of the home-builders are from other countries than Norway. It’s easier this way. Please apologize for bad English… The PPL-A section however is written in Norwegian. I hope this can be an inspiration to new PPL students!

All information (text and pictures) in this site are copyrighted by Erlend Moen, unless stated otherwise. You may freely use the content in other non commercial sites and publications, but please refer to me and this site. For commercial use, please take contact on email. Some of the pictures I use are gathered from the web. I will try to mark them with it’s proper copyright as well.

Use the information on this site at your own risk! I take no responsibility if information gathered here results in accidents or other mishaps. I do however appreciate corrections if something here is wrong.

I will update this page as I have progress in my project. If you have any comments, don’t hesitate to send me an email. I will answer each and everyone. Please visit my guestbook and leave a message!