Chapter 14 – Central Section Spar

In this chapter I will produce the Centralsection Spar. This is the connection between the wings and the fuselage and thus a very important piece. It’s a hollow beam with several hardpoints embedded for mounting the wings as well as for the aft seat belts (shoulder harness). As usual I started by reading as many builder-logs as I found, to learn what kind of challenges other builders have had.

Step 1 – Centersection Jig
Step 2 – Assembly of foam parts
Step 3 – Interior Layups
Step 4 – Install the forward face
Step 5 – Outside hard points
Step 6 – Spar Cap Layup
Step 7 – Shoulder Harness Blocks and Outside Layups
Step 8 – Hardpoint Reinforcement
Step 9 – Access For Wing Attach And End Layup

Time used this chapter: 72:00 hours
Started: 2015-03-28
Ended: 2015-01-02