Chapter 16 – Control System

In this chapter I will install and rig the pitch, roll and yaw control systems.

This is a chapter with mainly metal work, and not so much fiberglass. The first challenge was to manage to understand where all the bits and pieces where going. It’s a kind of a puzzle…

My first task was to order all the pieces. I have decided to use prefabricated parts when they are available. Again the Cozy Girrrls came to a rescue with many of the parts, the rest I ordered from ACS. I made a “cutting list” to understand how many lengths of tubing I had to order.

After a big cleanup in the garage, including trashing the old big building table and building a new “EAA type” table and going over the tub that had been resting outside for four years under a tarp (no harm detected other that some dust, dead spiders and traces of birds taking shelter), I was ready to solve the tubing puzzle. Right on time James Russell came to resque as he was doing the same thing that I was planning to do, namely making a drawing over all the parts! Thank you James!

I put on some green color on the parts that was prefabricated from the Girrrls.

Step 1: Pivot Mounts
Step 2: Fabrication of Pitch and Roll Parts
Step 3: Assembly of Pitch and roll Parts
Step 4: Installation of Pitch and Roll Assembly
Step 5: Routing and Rigging the Rudder Cables
Step 6: Rudder Stop and Brakes

Time used total in this chapter: N/A hours
Started: 2021-02-21