Step 1: Cutting the cores

2019-08-04: Started this chapter by reading over the instructions several times to understand how the different layups goes. The cores and glassing them is a rather simple procedure, but then comes the layups and the attachment and alignment to the wings which is a step more complicated.

2018-08-16: Finished cutting the cores:

I had to make a shorter hotwire saw for the lower winglets. As usual my wife Torill helped me here.

One of the things that I struggled to understand was the orientation of the upper template for the lower winglet (!). As the curvature of the winglets are opposite from the upper to the lower winglet – i.e. the upper winglet have the most curved side facing inwards towards the wing, while the lower winglet has the most curved side facing outwards, I didn’t quite catch how the upper template should be.

After studying some builders logs I finally understood how it was to be. The upper template has to be placed juslt like it was on the upper winglet, with the curvature facing inside. The lower template has the curvature facing outside. The lower winglet will by this have a somewhat strange airfoil as it kinda morphs from inside to outside curvature. This picture shows it more in detail:

There where some hotwire-snags caused by some snags in the templates. This will be fixed when glassing.

2019-08-28: Sanded the bottom winglets to the proper shape.