Chapter 13 – Nose, Nose Gear, Pitot, Rudder Pedals and Brake Master Cylinders

This is a BIG chapter, where I will focus on the nose of the aircraft, installing the front wheel and all the things that comes with that, rudder pedals, brake cylinders and pitot-static system. I have purchased the electric nose-lift from Jack Wilhelmson and all the front-wheel hardware that he delivers.


Step 1: Reinforcing the Fiberglass Nosewheel Strut
Step 2: Fabrication of the NG-30s
Step 3: Installing the Jack Wilhelmson Electric Nosewheel Assembly
Step 4: Installation of the NG-30 Box Assembly on the Fuselage
Step 5: Nose Floor and Sides
Step 6: Installing the Rudder Pedals
Step 7: Installing the Master Brake Cylinders
Step 8: Completion of the Nosegear
Step 9: Piping the Pitot & Static System
Step 10: Closing the Top and Carving & Glassing the Outside
Step 11: Nose Door
Step 12: Skid plate and landing lights (not in plans)

Time used this chapter: 131:30 hours
Started: 2013-03-29
Ended: 2015-03-28