Chapter 11 – Elevators

In this chapter I will make the elevators. I have to make templates, cut foam and then bond the elevators to some hardware, i.e. torque tubes, hinges etc.

This chapter is an expensive one, as I have to buy most of the hardware needed. I will buy from the Cozy Girrrls, since they have all the necessary items I need.

Step 1: Cutting foam cores and bonding to the torque tubes
Step 2: Installation of the bottom skin
Step 3: Installation of the top-skin
Step 4: Installing the NC-6 inserts and the NC-3 hinges in the canard
Step 5: Checking elevator travel and installing tip fairings
Step 6: Installing the pitch trim belcrank and the elevator mass balance weights

Time used this chapter: 58:15 hours (22:30 hours of these spent on filling and sanding)
Started: 2012-08-01
Ended: 2013-03-10