Step 6. Bottom skin


2016-07-14: Prepared the bottom of the wing for two plies of UNI. I sanded the spar cap smooth (it was actually very smooth after I removed the peel ply). I sanded the foam with 240 grit sandpaper to remove all the “hair” from the cutting process. I also filled holes and nicks in the foam with dry micro. At the end I filled up the epoxy pump to the top assuring I had enough warm epoxy to do this big step. Waiting for a day off to glass the bottom so I can start from the morning.


2016-08-27: Finally got time to glass the bottom skin. All went according to plans. Used 4 1/2 hrs on this step. Peel plied the whole shebang as usual.


2016-08-28: After cure I trimmed off the excess glass and put the dry micro in the fishtail depression as per plans.
I was very pleased with the overall look and feel when inspecting the surface. I can definitely feel the spar cap, but I don’t think it takes a very thick layer of micro to get a smooth surface at the end. Using peel ply all over gives a very smooth surface to start with.


2016-09-05: Sanded the micro down.


Glassed the left bottom wing. 

Made a rolling rig for the UNI-glass. Much easier to position when I was to roll out the plies. I also got some help from my wife here, much easier to do this operation with a helping hand!