Step 7: Installing the Master Brake Cylinders

In this step I will install the master brake cylinders. Mounting lay-down-cylinders, following the plans that came with my pedals.

2013-11-23: Made a plywood-plate and floxed it in place on the floor. This will be the support for the mounting- hardware for the MC. I floxed two click-bonds on the bottom of the plywood to be used to fasten the mounting- hardware.

2013-11-24: Glassed the plywood with 3 BID overlapping 1″ all around. Floxed the aluminum-mounting-hardware to the wet glass, tightened the nuts to the clickbond, peel-plied and set to cure.

2013-11-24: This looks good! I filled the opening between NG30 and the plywood with flox.

2013-11-24: Testmounted the whole assembly. I will make the mounts for the reservoirs later, when I see where the nose-doors will come to assure that it will be easy to inspect and fill brake fluid.

Started: 2013-11-23
Ended: 2013-11-24