Step 4 – Install the forward face


2015-04-03: Glassing the underside of CS4 with 1 BID at 45 degrees. CS4 is the top of the spar-box as it is placed in the jig. It will later be referred to as the front 🙂

I took a video of the inside before I closed it. The shiny parts around the aluminum hardpoints is exess epoxy that was squeezed out when I placed the weight ontop of them.

2015-04-04: Floxed CS4 to the top of the spar box, set to cure.

2015-10-04: Started to sand the top and bottom troughs for the spar cap.

2015-10-04: I made a sanding board for this task. 3 inches wide, 18″ long with a handle. I glued a 36 grit sanding paper to the board and fastened a vertical guide using an other board. This setup made the sanding very easy.

2015-10-05: Finished sanding both top and bottom spar cap trough.