Step 3. Glassing the bottom


Before glassing the underside it’s neccessary to route a groove in the scoop since we will have a glass-to-glass-bond between the underside and the NACA-scoop. Remember to do the same in the aft part of the scoop. This groove is to be filled with flox when glassing the underside.

To avoid microslurry and epoxy-spill down the sides when glassing the underside I covered the sides with some saran-wrap.

Finally the underside is glassed and peel-plied. My wife helped me in this stage. It’s very useful to have a helper when placing the glass on such big surfaces. She did a great job in squeeging and stippling and brushing!
The things ontop of the fuselage is placed to weigh down some wooden strips I placed in the depression for the landing-break to hold the glass firmly down.