Step 3: Jigging upper winglet to wing

The first challenge in this step was to understand how to understand how the winglet trim template is to be positioned on the winglet. There are at least two ways to interpret the instructions here:

  1. Align the TE and the LE of the template:
  2. Align the bottom of the template to the bottom of the winglet. To do this it’s neccessary to “roll” the template around the bottom edge.

    As indicated the difference is substantial here.

I raised a discussion on the Cozy-group and the answer was to use the second approach. This may be obvious, but I had to check this before I started to cut off the piece.

I tried to use a coping saw as suggested in the plans. However I soon changed to my band saw to get as accurate cut as possible. I had to manually trim off the glass around the coax cable.