Step 6 – Spar Cap Layup

2015-10-21: Prepared the spar for the top spar cap layup. I measured and marked all the different lengths for the spar cap, and made the dam of particle board. Instead of bondo I fastened the dam by using drywall screws. Covered the inside with duct tape as a release agent.


2015-10-25: I started this day by cutting all the top spar cap glass placing them on a secure and clean place, in the order I was going to use them, i.e. all the 11 bottom plies on the top of the pile. This step took 1 hour.

2015-10-25: Then I started the LONG job to glass all the plies that went in the top spar cap. This job took 6.5 hours working alone without any pause. Peel plied as per plans.


2015-11-01: Glassed the bottom spar cap. 30 minuts to cut the glass, 5 hours to glass the spar cap (working alone). Peel plied as per plans.