Step 7: Rudder

2020-04-19: Time to cut the rudder.

Although I had measured the dimensions long time ago I rechecked them to be absolutely sure that they are correct (measure twice – cut once!). I adjusted the cut line at the bottom of the rudder according to the  instructions for perpendicular hidden bellhorns.

First cut on the outside:

Next cut on the inside.

Used the multitool to cut the skin, then a hacksaw to do the final cut through the foam.

Then I removed the plug. It was a tricky process to get it out, but the end result was good:

Finally I inserted the rudder cable and mounted the AN111 Cable Bushing as several other builders have used – this is a much neater install.

2020-06-21: Time flies… I have several other projects going on that unfortunately steals time from my Cozy project. This time it’s a greenhouse project for my wife that has had priority:

Still not finished, but the last day it was some rain so I had an excuse to do some airplane building again 🙂

I continued with preparing for layup #6. I removed foam in the rudder cutout in the winglet.

To remove the foam I mainly used my router with a straight bit. Three passes carefully to not touch the glass worked like a dream. I ended this by using my Dremel and a sanding drum to remove the micro on the inside of the glass.

2020-07-06: Glassed inside of the winglet with 3 BID and reinforced the hinge locations with additional 2 BID.

2020-07-07: Glassed the pocket for the bellhorn- not much to see. Did this to avoid having exposed foam here.

Made the cutouts for the hinges and drilled holes for the hinges. I used a wood stick to align the three hinges before I drilled the holes. I am using temporary screws now, will later use click bonds.

I’ve read that there are some mounting issues with the nuts on the inside of the rudder when using click bonds. Some have solved this by making a special tool to loosen and tighten the nut(s). We’ll see when we come there.

2020-07-21: Removed foam in the rudder. Again I used a combination of a x-acto knife and my router. This time I mounted my router in a router table and very carefully moved the rudder over the router bit to remove the foam.

The result was very good.

I used my Dremel and a sanding drum to remove the micro layer between the foam and the glass to ensure a proper G2G bonding.

On the bottom of the rudder I removed a bit over 3/4″ according to the plans for the hidden bellhorns.

2020-07-22: Glassed the top and bottom of the rudder with 3BID: