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Based on a web page hosted by Tom Tugan that sadly passed away late 2017, and some help from Chris Groenewald, I will try to host a similar list on my website.
It will consist of active builder-websites and a breakdown of these into chapters. Since things changes over time some links may become dead – please advice me if you see dead links or links with other problems. And if you have updates – please give me a note and I will update these pages as soon as possible.

Last update 2019-08-04: Updated builder site for Erlend Moen (started on chapter 20).

Builder Home Pages

Breakdown by chapters:

Ch.1 Description & Introduction
Ch.2 Bill of Materials and Setup
Ch.3 Education / Composite Techniques
Ch.4 Fuselage Bulkheads
Ch.5 Fuselage Sides
Ch.6 Fuselage Assembly
Ch.7 Fuselage Exterior
Ch.8 Head Rest, Seat Belts
Ch.9 Main Gear, Wheels, Brakes
Ch.10 Canard
Ch.11 Elevators
Ch.12 Canard Installation
Ch.13 Nose, Nose Gear, Brake Controls
Ch.14 Center Section Spar
Ch.15 Firewall (Section II)
Ch.16 Control System (Section II)
Ch.17 Trim System
Ch.18 Canopy & Turtleback
Ch.19 Wings, Ailerons, Wing Attach
Ch.20 Winglets and Rudders
Ch.21 Strakes, Fuel, Baggage
Ch.22 Electrical
Ch.23 Engine, Propellers
Ch.24 Covers, Fairings
Ch.25 Finishing
Ch.26 Upholstery


It is a big friendly builder-community on the net supporting the Cozy. Here are some of the other resources I use frequently:

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