Step 3: Assembly of Pitch and roll Parts

2021-02-23: Started to assemble the bits and pieces, by drilling holes and bolting together all the parts.

Started on the RH side.

Discovered that I was out of stock of the proper AN4 hardware. Remember that a newsletter told us to switch from AN3 to AN4 hardware. I have updated my plans, but forgot to update the parts list in chapter 3, so I ordered the wrong hardware here (AN3-bolts). Need to order more bolts from ACS!

2021-02-24: I fabricated the two RT-2 Roll Trim Brackets myself and finished off the assembly of the controls.

Be aware that drilling the holes perpendicular through the controls can be a difficult task without using a drill press. It is smart to drill in steps starting with a small pitot drill first. Remember to disassemble the parts after each hole you drill to get rid of bits of aluminum that fills up the tubes. I did also sand the ridges  around the holes down using my Dremel. It is also important not to widen the holes more that 1/4″ to avoid sloppy controls. This is known problem and is mentioned in several discussion threads.