Chapter 20 – Winglets and Rudders

In this chapter I will build the NASA Whitcomb winglets, and install the hidden belhorns.
The winglets will be attached to the wings, and after this chapter I will have a challenge with storing the wings in my garage.
I have been working on an idea – time will show if it works.
This is also the last chapter where I will use the large building table. After this chapter I will chop up the table and make a couple of smaller tables which I can attach to each other or use as separate tables.

Step 1: Cutting the cores
Step 2: Glassing the skins
Step 3: Jigging upper winglet to wing
Step 4: Inside layups
Step 5: Outside layers
Step 6: Lower winglet attach
Step 7: Rudder

Time used total in this chapter: 51 hours
Started: 2019-08-04
Ended: N/A